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Human Synthesys Studio Reviews: An User-Friendly UI Software To Promote Business!



Human Synthesys Studio Review

Hey readers, looking for ideas to p[romote business digitally, I found some interesting ideas through the Human Synthesys Studio reviews available online. And That is what I am going to share with you guys here.

Who doesn’t want one of those fancy reels to promote their business or do visual presentations, but big things come with high costs? Imagine if someone told you that it is possible to save money on hiring professional actors and props, and instead, all you need is a laptop and a good script. 

Human Synthesys Studio Reviews: Is It The First Software Using State-Of-The-Art Technology?

Human Synthesys Studio has made it possible to create videos from your own comfort space, and you don’t even need to be a pro at that. The cloud-based software, which renders high-quality videos, provides unparalleled realistic quality featuring actual individuals. If you are looking to purchase this Human Synthesys Studio software, read our Human Synthesys Studio review below and make an informed decision.

Human Synthesys Studio Reviews
Product name: Human Synthesys Studio
Item form:Software
Item purpose:Text-to-speech software
Creator:Todd Gross & Oliver Goodwin
Who can use:Users who want to increase business digitally
Main benefits: Synthetic Text–To–Video
Pros:User Friendly
Cons: Needs an active and stable internet connection
Customer reviews:Mostly positive reviews only
Versions available:1. Personal version
2. Commercial versions
Bonus:5 bonuses available with the pack
Updations:Automatically done
Money back:14 days from purchase
Price:The Personal version: $ 47
The Commercial version: $ 67
Official website:Click Here

What is Human Synthesys Studio? 

Human Synthesys Studio is the first of its kind software using state-of-the-art technology. Human Synthesys Studio software enables users to select their human avatar. Human Synthesys Studio uses real humans and their voices and integrates them with text-to-speech software to create high-quality videos featuring people saying the script you type for them. The purpose of Humatars is to make the video look more realistic and not animated, which in turn will enable you to maximize your income.

The Human Synthesys Studio software consists of real professional actors in your videos who have been shot for hours to get the desired result. The biggest USP is the role played by Artificial Intelligence that goes through a vast library to lip-sync the software for you to give it a more realistic touch. If you know basic editing, you can produce better videos more efficiently.

Creator of Human Synthesys Studio

Todd Gross and Oliver Goodwin are the two names associated with the Human Synthesys Studio. They have worked hard for years to develop and identify the needs of users in the marketing industry. They are veterans in the digital media platform and are specialized in video creation and digital marketing strategies. They have a few successful projects including VidSnatcher, Video Jeet, Video Pal, Video Builder, Designo, MobiFirst, already leading the market with their innovative ideas. 
Based on my research, I have understood that Todd and Goodwin have worked hard for years developing this Human Synthesys Studio software. Hence it is evident that the Human Synthesis Studio is an innovative software.

Human Synthesys Studio Creator

How does Human Synthesys Studio Work? 

Step 1: Select your humatar

Once you have logged in, the first feature you would notice is different humatars on the dashboard. Select the one you like the most. You can also click on the preview button to see how your avatar would work. 

 Select your humatar

Step 2: Input the details

After selecting the model for your business, you would need to enter the title of the video. 

At this stage, you would need to finalize the position of your humatar. It can appear in any corner of your size in either a small circle or whole body or voice-over. 

Type the script in the text box provided. 

Input the details

Step 3: Choose your background

In this step, you can choose the background. There are options to select from pictures, videos, or just a color available in the list. If needed, this is your chance to get creative and add your pictures or videos. 

Once you are happy with everything, click on the create video button.


 Choose your background

Step 4: Create the Video

After the video is created, you can just download it or edit it if you want. If you are happy with the outcome, then publishing it is just a click away.   

Create the Video

Render the video: By clicking the ‘create the video’ option, your video will be created in a few minutes and you can download it into your gallery.

Who can use Human Synthesys Studio?

For users looking to increase leads in their business, making inroads into the world of video marketing, working in sales, branding, digital advertisements, and even educational purposes, the Human Synthesys Studio software is highly recommended. 

The Human Synthesys Studio software aims to take your business to the next level, with their team of voice-over artists and stunning graphics studio making your videos look effortless.

Benefits of Human Synthesys Studio

The Human Synthesys studio software is proving to be a first mover in the market. The Human Synthesys Studio software is all set to change the way the industry works and is a perfect option for: 

???? Youtubers

???? Digital Marketers

???? Travel Bloggers

???? Affiliate Marketers

???? Reviewers

???? Educators and Online Courses

???? Any profession that requires an online business

The key benefits of Human Synthesys Studio are: 

???? Synthetic Text–To–Video: All you need to do is develop an engaging script, and the tool will let you convert it into a professional video.

???? 40+ Languages: They currently support over 40+ languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Hindi, and many more. It enables the native speakers to connect with the ethnic speakers in their own languages. 

???? Provides 10+ Humatars: every user can choose either personal or commercial humatar based on their preferences.

???? Commercial License: The service is available to be sold to your clients, and a license is issued to the users. This would help the business boost conversions.

???? Cloud-Based Technology: It is 100% cloud-based software and would work on any system. 

???? Easy to use UI: The user interface is straightforward, and one doesn’t need to be a pro to use it. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or video editor to operate the program. 

Benefits of Human Synthesys Studio

Human Synthesys Studio Pros and Cons


✔️ Any user can use the software. No prior training is required. 

✔️ Human Synthesys Studio is fully cloud-based software, which means you don’t have to install anything on your device. 

✔️ The team is offering round-the-clock customer support. 

✔️ Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for lip-syncing giving it a more realistic look

✔️ The Human Synthesys Studio software comes at a reasonable price, and the team is offering a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. 


❌ Human Synthesys Studio software needs an active and stable internet connection to be able to use it. 

❌ Even after purchasing the license, you must buy further credits to use the Human Synthesys Studio program.

Is Human Synthesys Studio Legit or Not? 

Yes, it is legit! The team behind Human Synthesys Studio software is quite confident about the software’s legitimacy and wants to leave no stone unturned to take the software to its target market. 

They offer commercial licenses to their users, allowing them to use the Human Synthesys Studio software further to maximize their business potential. 

In addition, the client has an option of 100% cashback in 14-days if the Human Synthesys Studio software does not meet their expectations. 

Human Synthesys Studio Customer Reviews and Complaints

The reviews received are primarily positive, and users love the Human Synthesys Studio software. The users are excited about the benefits the Human Synthesys Studio software is offering and how it is helping individuals and small business owners. 

With incredibly low prices and the features being offered, this one is undoubtedly a bargain, and the users who have tried it are vouching for Human Synthesys Studio software.

Human Synthesys Studio Customer Reviews

Human Synthesys Studio Pricing

The Human Synthesys Studio software comes with 2 options – Personal and Commercial. Both the options come with features like: 

♻️ Text to Video AI Technology

♻️ Access to 60+ languages and 250+ General Voices

♻️ 100% Web-based

♻️ Full Customization of Humatar videos 

Access to 5 Real Humatars + 2 BonusesAccess to 15 Real Humatars + 2 Bonuses
Render up to 1 hour of videos. Additional Credits availableRender up to 2 hours of videos. Additional Credits Available 
Access to 6 Human Voices
Extra Languages for voice over
Use or sell your videos
Commercial License
Special Bonuses

The personal version


The commercial version

$67 (One-time price)

plus additional 30% savings on using the special coupon “SAVENOW”

They accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and PayPal for payments. 

Human Synthesys Studio Bonuses

Bonus #1:

100 pro HD videos

With the Human Synthesys Studio software, you get access to 100+ pro stock footage clips you can use royalty-free on your video projects.

Bonus #2:

High paying client acquisition cheatsheet

This is a foolproof cheatsheet that shows steps for you to acquire and close high-ticket clients.

Bonus #3:

150+ free online marketing tools

More than 150 free online marketing tools can be accessed with the Human Synthesys Studio software. These will help you set up and scale your business.

Bonus #4:

Personal Branding Secrets in 2021

This bonus guide is a handbook that comes with each Human Synthesys Studio software purchase that will show you the importance of personal branding. It contains all there is to know about personal branding and how you can use it to the benefit of your business.

Bonus #5:

400+ power words to transform your marketing strategy today

This is a collection of 400+ power words that accompany the Human Synthesys Studio software. These, when used in your web content, will boost your sales page in rankings and increase sales. You can use them in headlines, ad content, etc.

Human Synthesys Studio Bonuses

Final Verdict on Human Synthesys Studio Reviews

As mentioned above in the article- Human Synthesys Studio Reviews, There is no denying that the Human Synthesys Studio software is one of its kind, and with the groundbreaking technology it offers, it’s soon going to impact the market positively. 

With the current COVID-19 scenario, this would prove a blessing for online courses as the tutors don’t have to rely on PowerPoint presentations and can come up with innovative ways to share the information. 

If you are looking to maximize your business potential and boost your sales, this is your product. 

After using the Human Synthesys Studio software, we can confidently say give the team a chance, and you won’t regret it. Moreover, you have nothing to lose with the 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like Human Synthesys Studio interface. 

Human Synthesys Studio FAQs

Will this groundbreaking technology work on both MAC and PC?

Yes, Human Synthesys Studio works on both MAC and PC. It is a cloud-based program and highly user-friendly so that it would work on any operating platform as long as there is an active internet connection. 

Do I need to be computer literate to use the product? 

No, the software is easy to use, and no prior training is required. There are step-by-step videos available on the official website to guide you. In addition, there is 24×7 customer support available if you are stuck anywhere. 

What about the software update? 

The team is constantly working on the updates and keeping them in line with the latest technologies. Since it’s web-based software, the users won’t have to update the product as it would automatically be done in the background. However, the AI technology used in the product can create customer success videos; hence updating the software is necessary. 

Do I have to pay the fees again if I run out of credits? 

No, the fee is one time only. The users have the option to purchase more credits if they run out of them. 

What if I don’t like the product? 

The company is offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. After that, you just need to send an email requesting the refund, and the team will get in touch with you. 


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