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Women’s Pleasure Power Review- What You Will Get From This Online Video?



Women's Pleasure Power Review

Here is my in-depth Women’s Pleasure Power review. Do you deny yourself of sexual pleasure because you find it negative? Or are you so occupied in life that you never gave a thought to unleash the sexual desire? Do you find depending on your partner for sexual needs frustrating? Are you hesitant about orgasm or masturbation that you don’t discuss them even with yourself?

If you are going through lots of thoughts and dilemmas about sexual pleasure, then The Women’s Pleasure Power is your rescue. It will break all the stereotypes and myths regarding your perception of sex and its pleasure. Lets read The Women’s Pleasure Power review to know what more it has to offer.

Women’s Pleasure Power Review- Is This A Right Key To Unlock The Wisdom About Sexual Desires?

The Women’s Pleasure Power is the key to unlock the wisdom about sexual desires and end the misconceptions that have been circulated for years. It is an online training program that will allow you to have a better sex life. We always connect shame and taboo to women’s sexual pleasure. But contrary to this, women too deserve to experience as much pleasure as men do. In fact, women are gifted with having multiple orgasms at a time. Still, we women just can’t get this out of our heads that it is completely fine to seek and experience sexual pleasure.

Women's Pleasure Power Review

Program Name Women’s Pleasure Power
Language English
Author Dr. Jan and Ella Hall
Category Online Training Program For Women
Price $69
Official Website Click Here

About Women’s Pleasure Power Course

The Women’s Pleasure Power is about to empower women and fill them with utter confidence to feel liberated and self-sufficient. It is a great initiative by mother-daughter duo, Dr. Jan, and Ella hall. They have dedicated their lives to educate women about finding joy and satisfaction in sex through The Women’s Pleasure Power online course.

They talk and discuss various myths, taboos, and the vicious circle of misguidance in the videos and upcoming podcasts. They have unveiled the fact in elaboration that how women are multi-orgasmic beings, and it’s their birthright to choose, ask, and explore sexual fulfillment.

Benefits of Women’s Pleasure Power Guide 

The Women’s Pleasure Power online training course will help you learn various skills and techniques so you can feel the confidence in your body’s innate pleasure. It will open the ultimate secret for a long-lasting orgasm. Sometimes, the misfortunate events in our life leave scars that affect our natural tendency to seek and experience pleasure.

If you feel you are the victim of the one, then The Women’s Pleasure Power training can heal the physical, psychological and emotional traumas you have been through.

Moreover, in today’s virtual picture-perfect world, we lose our confidence because we compare ourselves with models on Instagram and porn sites. Therefore, The Women’s Pleasure Power review is dedicated to clear the misconception that it is necessary to have a perfect body shape to experience sexual desire.

We must put a stop to body shaming and pressure to lose weight as it leads to low self-esteem and emotional blockage. Also, the combination of both clinical and holistic elements of The Women’s Pleasure Power online video series will help you to keep track of your progress.

It not only helps women but also guides men to love their women to the fullest by understanding them and accessing pleasure spots.

How Does Women’s Pleasure Power work?

The Women’s Pleasure Power review works through videos and podcasts. Dr. Jan and Ella hall will cover all the topics regarding sex taboo, sexual displeasure, body shaming, and many more. They feel it is important to discuss and aware women of their power to reach unlimited orgasm and not to feel ashamed about it at the same time.

Although women have achieved a lot in the professional field, they still are conservative about their sexual needs. Sometimes, lack of awareness and skills leads to disappointments and mistakes.

The Women’s Pleasure Power leads women safely and securely in their quest for pleasure. In these online videos and podcasts, the mother-daughter duo will undergo empowering conversation about sex. They will also cover hot topics like:

  • How to attain fabulous multiple orgasms
  • Myths related to sex and sexual pleasure
  • Ways to strengthen the connection between male and female
  • The art of solo sex or self-pleasure
  • Healing of bad and unfortunate memories that had led to emotional and mental damage.

Women’s Pleasure Power creator

Dr jan and ellan

The creators of The Women’s Pleasure Power online training course are Dr. Jan and Ella hall. Dr. Jan is an imminent Hypnotherapist and sex therapist whereas Ella Hall is a Tantric Practitioner and transformational life coach. They are passionate to serve women who are wandering in an unknown world of sexual misunderstanding and don’t know how to get started.

This duo is determined to transform women into more confident and sexually empowered ones. They also want men to understand a woman’s desire to explore ultimate pleasure through multiple and long-lasting orgasms. Furthermore, they counsel women who have undergone cruel life circumstances that have affected their inclination towards sex. Listening to them is definitely an encouragement to open doors of pleasure.

What you will get from this Women’s Pleasure Power program?

It is consists of The Women’s Pleasure Power online video series and bonus gifts. The video library contains 5 mastered studio-quality videos where Dr. Jan and Ella Hall are discussing different aspects of sex and sexual pleasure.

These videos are worth $252, but they are available at a very affordable price of $69 along with amazing bonus gifts that cost $98. The details of the videos’ content are as follows:

  1. Video 1 (fabulous orgasm for women): As mentioned in the Women’s Pleasure Power review, You will understand the clinical explanation of orgasm and its benefits along with four golden keys of tantra. It’s a compilation of knowledge and funny moments. It also gives insights into female sexual anatomy.
  2. Video 2 (Myth Busting Sex): This video has been a great focus on clearing the negative and dirty image of sex along with the myth surrounding it. It is also a counseling video for women with low self-esteem and disturbing past. It will help you to be happy in your skin and explore pleasure because it’s your right as a woman. Dr. Jan will also reveal two universal truths about sex in this video.
  3. Video 3 (The Exquisite art of solo sex): If you are a professional woman and scaling the success but still wants to enter the world of pleasure, then this video can help you to achieve the same. It will guide you to masturbate correctly and find out your G-spot for pinnacles of pleasure.
  4. Video 4 (Sex Talk): This video is a guide to encourage sex talks between couples so that they can better know each other about their sexual needs and the importance of reaching climax individually. It can be of great help to strengthen the bond, understanding, and comfortness.
  5. Video 5 (Healing sexual hurts): Women who have undergone physical or sexual abuse find it difficult to trust and enjoy sex again. Therefore this video concentrates on correcting sexual phobia and sexual hurts( vulvadynia and vaginismus).

Pros & Cons of Women’s Pleasure Power


  • You will be able to discover the different aspects of pleasure, masturbation, and sexual needs.
  • It will boost the confidence, self-esteem, and acceptance of sexual desires.
  • This online course will smash the negative image, taboo, and stereotypes attached to seeking pleasure.
  • As per Women’s Pleasure Power review,  You will finally be able to give yourself “permission” to dive into knowledge and soar high with pleasure.
  • Available at just $69 and comes with a full money-back guarantee in just 14 days.
  • It’s an online course so you can learn everything about sex and pleasure by staying in your private space.


  • it’s an online course with no in-person meetings, but all topics regarding sex have been covered in the video library.
  • If you find watching videos tiring and waste of time, then soon podcasts will be available which you can listen while doing other stuff.

Why you need this Women’s Pleasure Power Online Training?

You need to buy The Women’s Pleasure Power online training course if you can relate to one of the following points:

  • A busy woman trying to connect to the distant world of pleasure
  • Hot blooded women who want access to long last and multiple pleasure
  • A man who wants to give more love to his lady by exploring the pleasure hotspots
  • Women who have experienced bad circumstances in life and now feel disconnected from sexual pleasure
  • A woman who is made to believes that sex is dirty and negative to talk about
  • Women who feel uncomfortable in their skin and hesitant to ask for complete satisfaction

Where to buy and download Women’s Pleasure Power program?

You can download The Women’s Pleasure Power online training course from the website, which is available at an affordable price of $69. If you sit calculating the total cost of the course, the price will soar the sky. But, this comprehensive course containing all a-z information you need to know about sex and its pleasure is cheaper than you think.

Also, it offers 14 days return guarantee if you find Benefits of The Women’s Pleasure Power futile and waste of money. Your every penny will be returned in just two weeks. But, make sure you have gone through all the videos as it is impossible to ignore it after uncovering the layers of pleasure bit by bit. Also, the team will ensure your privacy and secure checkout.


Many women have been benefitted by joining The Women’s Pleasure Power online training course. They are satisfied and now able to attain maximum sexual satisfaction. Their sexual and emotional relationship with their partner has now improved, and they feel compatible together.

Many women have recovered from the horrifying past and now exploring pleasure with confidence. The website contains The Women’s Pleasure Power reviews filled with happy and thankful thoughts. Now it’s your time to unleash what nature has to offer to you. Just unwrap the gift with The Women’s Pleasure Power guide and know more about it. You anyway have the option to return it if you feel unsatisfied with the course.

Therefore, giving it a try and recommending it to someone in need will at least furnish your knowledge about sexual pleasure. Buy your course today, and experience the havens of pleasure before the climax.

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