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Prezentar Reviews – A User-Friendly Tool To Create Quick Presentations!



Prezentar Reviews

Last-minute presentations are for sure not everyone’s cup of tea and this Prezentar review talks about everything you need to know regarding software that simply gets the job done in less than 5 minutes! 

Prezentar is an all-in-one software that lets you create top-notch presentations without spending much time, effort, or money. It is said to have been developed after extensive research and using the latest technology.  

Prezentar ReviewsAre There 50 Templates In Prezentar That Can Be Customized?

But is any of this true? I don’t know about you but from what I have gathered, most of the Prezentar reviews do not seem credible enough. Furthermore, you can see that there is a growing popularity for this software.

As a tech expert and enthusiast, I simply refuse to spread misinformation, and hence this Prezentar review, which is fully based on my own experience with this product as well as self-research. 

So sit back and relax while I take you through all things Prezentar so that you can decide whether to buy this product or not!

Prezentar Reviews
Product NamePrezentar
CategoryVideo creating software
FounderAdeel Chowdhry
AimHelp you in creating powerful and innovative presentations in minutes
Launching Date6th June 2022
Benefits & Features
  • 50 Amazing Templates
  • Simple to Use Drag and Drop Editor
  • 50+ Text & Image effects
  • Interactive Animations
  • Save Projects in The Cloud
  • Steps To Use
  • Choose a Template
  • Customize the Chosen Template
  • Converting your presentation
  • Versions
  • Prezentar
  • Prezentar Professional
  • Prezentar X-Factor
  • Prezentar Halo 3D
  • Prezentar Auto Job Finder
  • Prezentar Agency Edition
  • Price $97
  • Client manager dashboard
  • Commercial license
  • Free agency website
  • Client attraction system and template bundle
  • Client feedback tool
  • Money back policy30 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Prezentar Video Creating Software?

    Prezentar is a software tool that helps you to design profitable presentations at minimal investment. Be it videos, webinars, or course tutorials, the Prezentar video-creating tool makes it all easy to do and can be used by anyone of any age.

    It is made using high-end technology that is known to generate presentations with the least time and effort. 

    To elaborate, it is developed using the latest core technology that is infused with the revolutionary pixel point engine that is meant for presentations. Prezentar software can be used for creating, designing, and publishing.  

    Prezentar Video Creating Software

    About The Prezentar Creator

    According to the Prezentar official website, the tool was developed by Adeel Chowdhry. He is said to have been working as an online marketer for the past 15 years and creates bestsellers on platforms that generate high sales. 

    Prezentar Creator

    How Does Prezentar Cloud-Based Software Work?

    Prezentar tool allows you to create presentations using 3 steps; 

    • Step 1: 50 ready-made templates: Prezentar presentation tool comes with 50 readily available templates that help speed up the designing process. To elaborate, you will have 500 content slides that are made by high-end designers. All you need to do is to preview the template and click to begin making your presentation. 
    • Step 2: Customization: Here you can make the necessary changes to your design in just a few steps. You may add animations, record/edit audio, change backgrounds, add logos, etc, that can give you the desired look to your presentation. 
    • Step 3: Download and share: In this, you can export your presentations as either ebook, online HTML viewer, or even in video format. It can be instantly shared on the web or any other platform of your choice such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.    
    Prezentar Cloud-Based Software

    Who Is Prezentar Software Intended For?

    Anyone of any age can use Prezentar software since it is pretty easy to understand due to the simple instructions. Anyone who wants to make presentations quickly and effortlessly, without compromising quality, can use Prezentar. 

    What’s Included With Prezentar Tool?

    Prezentar video creating software consists of the following; 

    • 50+ templates: As mentioned earlier in this Prezentar review, there are more than 50 templates in Prezentar that consist of customizable slides. These are spread across different categories, which enables you to create unique projects. 
    • 500 slide layouts: With so many different slide layouts, the Prezentar tool enables you to make your presentation stand out from the rest. Each template in the software comprises 10 slides that include everything from title slides to closing slides. These are said to be made by professional designers as well. 
    • Animation FX studio: With the help of this studio, you can amplify the look of your presentation by adding various effects to give life to your projects. 
    • Convert to the video: You can convert your presentations to videos and tutorials at just the click of a button. These can also be saved to your computer or uploaded to the platform of your choice. 
    • Built-in audio recorder: This one helps you to record your voice via microphone through your browsers into the Prezentar slides. You can also upload audio as well. 
    • Audio and music studio: Usually, you need multiple software to add audio and sound effects to your presentations. Prezentar simplifies the process by providing all the edit buttons inside the software. That is, you do not have to install any additional tools. 
    • Drag and drop technology: Just as the name suggests, it allows you to drag and drop images, text, or even objects to your slides. You need not require any special skills in designing or coding which gets the job done faster. 
    • Unlimited slides: Prezentar cloud-based software allows you to add slides without any limits for a complete and finished look to your presentation. This also means more room for creativity, content, and profit. 
    • Branding: You can make your presentations more personalized by using the different aspects of branding. This can look like adding logos or using a specific color palette. 
    • 500+ font collection: Prezentar tool brings a wide variety of fonts that can be used in different colors and styles. 
    • Text and image FX: The text and image effects in Prezentar software are designed in such a way that can they can enhance the look of your content and make your presentation look bolder. 
    • 8000+ image library: Stock images are great of course but you need to pay a certain amount to access the picture of your choice. The image library in Prezentar provides more than 8000 images that are royalty-free and allows unlimited use. 
    • 250+ HD backgrounds: High-definition background images play a key role in the final look of your presentation. Prezentar comes with over 250 such images that are said to enhance the appearance of your project. 
    • Stock photo integration: Prezentar is inclusive of stock image websites that help you to find the right pictures for your projects quickly. 
    • Image upload: You can upload the upload desired image onto the slide creation editor pretty easily using the option of image upload. 
    • Image crop tool: This tool helps you to edit the size of your image in Prezentar without the need for much time or effort. 
    • One-click sharing: This feature allows you to quickly share your presentations across any platform and achieve the necessary traffic easily.  
    • Cloud storage: Due to the huge cloud storage in Prezentar, you can easily save your presentations to your online dashboard. This means that you don’t lose your work and can even make edits if needed. 
    • Embed video in slides: Prezentar presentation tool makes it easier for you to embed videos from any platform directly into your slides. This can help simplify the process of putting up demonstrations, case studies, etc. 
    • Export to video, PDF, and HTML: Prezentar tool comes with different export options which help you to export and publish your work in the desired format. 
    Prezentar Includes

    Prezentar Presentation Software Benefits

    Due to the wide variety of features that come with Prezentar, you can expect various benefits. These are; 

    • One-click sharing: Unlike the regular presentations that require you to rely on additional tools to publish your content and boost traffic, Prezentar software gets it done in a matter of seconds by expanding your audience on the desired platform. 
    • Customizable: Prezentar cloud-based software gives you the full control to customize your presentations by providing the right tools. This makes it easier to customize your presentations and make them stand out from the rest. 
    • No monthly fees: Prezentar cloud-based software is available for a one-time payment and that means you don’t have to sign up for any subscriptions or anything. And since there is a money-back guarantee, you can get back your money as well. 
    • Quality templates and images: Prezentar video editing software provides access to templates and images that can be used for multiple niches. These are made by pro designers and come at affordable costs. 
    • Easy to create and edit: The edit and create options in the Prezentar tool along with the different in-built tools help to design the presentation of your choice without any additional assistance, skills, or knowledge. 

    Prezentar Pros & Cons

    There are various positives and negatives to Prezentar software. And you must be well aware of these to minimize your chances of encountering any risks. Here is what I have found in my research based on Prezentar reviews


    • The digital format allows easy access. 
    • Coupons for better affordability. 
    • Easy to follow instructions. 
    • Saves time, effort, and money.
    • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.  


    • The discount offer is only for a limited period. 
    • The quality of the outputs may vary depending on the user. 

    Comparison Between Powerpoint & Prezentar

    The Prezentar official website provides a detailed chart that shows a comparison between Prezentar and Powerpoint. 

    It can be seen that the Prezentar presentation tool is comparatively easy to create and edit than Powerpoint. Next, it is to be noted that normally for presentations on Powerpoint, you need to pay for the images you use.

    Prezentar comes with high-end images and graphics that are worth $1000. This further makes the former more affordable given the fact that you need to pay a total of $99 for Powerpoint every year. 

    At the same time, both have unlimited design options and can be converted into other types of content. But again, Powerpoint does not support a learning curve whereas Prezentar helps you to have a learning curve.

    Prezentar software teaches you more about presentation-making. So overall, it is pretty evident that Prezentar serves as a more reliable and convenient option than Powerpoint. 

    Prezentar Software Pricing & Availability

    Prezentar video-creating software can be bought from its official website for $97. Since this is a digital product, you will have instant access as the software can be downloaded onto the device of your choice. 

    As you may have observed in the Prezentar reviews,  the Prezentar video editing tool is in high demand and so there have been reports of a couple of online stores selling this program’s replicas at higher prices.

    So make sure that you visit the official platform of Prezentar itself for a safe transaction.   

    For a risk-free user experience, the Prezentar creator Adeel Chowdhry provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So even if you are not happy with the Prezentar results, you will get a full refund. 

    Prezentar Bonuses

    There are 3 bonuses provided along with Prezentar which are as follows; 

    • Fast Action Bonus#1: Free Commercial License ($497): In this, all you need to do is to invest in Prezentar. It also provides you with a commercial license that helps you to sell presentations and video creation services to clients across the globe. 
    • Fast Action Bonus#2: Client Attraction System and Templates Bundle ($297): Just as the title suggests, here you will get an email strategy guide as well as client attraction templates that are designed to attract the clients of your choice. These materials are designed to help you approach clients appropriately and expand the audience as needed. 
    • Fast Action Bonus#3: Free Agency Website ($997): This one allows you to build an agency website that helps you to attract major clients. It comes with a pre-filled portfolio that can be modified to your needs which can attract potential customers. 
    • Fast Action Bonus#4: Client Manager Dashboard ($147): Here you will be able to store the entire data regarding your clients as well as proposals. This reduces the need for sticky notes and you can be free from the hassle of keeping everything organized. 

    Additionally, you will also be getting; 

    • 10 More Templates (Most Popular) ($37): In this, you will find 10 limited edition presentation templates in your account. 
    • Prezentar Masterclass ($20): Here, you will have access to video tutorials that provides complete guidance on how you can utilize Prezentar like a Jedi. 
    • Prezentar Care Plus+ ($9): This one provides you with 24×7 technical support from a specialized agent via a live chat. 
    Prezentar Bonuses

    Prezentar Customer Reviews & Complaints

    Prezentar customer reviews show that majority of users are pretty satisfied with the results of the program. Many of these are given on the official website of Prezentar that you might want to take a look at for better insights.

    To further clarify these claims, I got in touch with some of the real-life users of the software and was able to gather some interesting experiences. Have a look! 

    • Isabella James, New York 

    I used to struggle a lot with my presentations and often had to rely on my paid designers to get my output. It used to be such a hassle and took up a lot of my time and money! When I heard about Prezentar, initially, I had no thoughts of trying it out even though the software seemed pretty promising. After much reluctance, I ended up buying it anyway just to see the results and I have to say, it’s really good! Prezentar video editing software made the whole process of making presentations easy and fun. I have been having more and more clients these days which has increased my profits to a great extent. Thank you so much Prezentar!

    • Allison Edward, California 

    Although I loved my job, making presentations always threw me off at the end of the day because it would take a lot for me to be satisfied with what I created. The monthly fees I had to pay for the tools paired with the additional expense of images and graphics literally made the whole thing so difficult and expensive! Prezentar tool was recommended to me by a friend and honestly, this is the best software I have used so far! I can make creative presentations of my choice without depending on anyone and there is less frustration when it comes to making multiple ones. I have suggested Prezentar software to my colleagues!

    • Derrick Henry, Las Vegas 

    I began to use Prezentar video-creating software just a couple of days and I’m still navigating through the whole thing. The design options are pretty interesting and so far I’m happy with the results. There is still more to explore and I will surely update my experience with Prezentar later on. 

    Final Verdict On Prezentar Reviews

    On this whole Prezentar review, it can be said that Prezentar is worth every penny. Its growing user base pretty much indicates that the software might be helpful for you.

    The fact that Prezentar has a variety of features reduces the need to depend on designers, and video/audio editors to get that professional presentation of your choice. It is user-friendly which again takes away the need to have additional skills and knowledge. 

    The discount coupons and digital format make Prezentar more accessible. Not to mention, the 30-day refund policy saves your money from any risks whatsoever. 


    1. Are there any additional charges or subscriptions for Prezentar?

    No, Prezentar is available for purchase only via a one-time payment. 

    2. How to access Prezentar?

    Prezentar can be accessed only after payment, wherein you will be able to download the software onto the device of your choice. 

    3. Are there any bonuses for Prezentar?

    Yes, Prezentar comes with 3 bonuses and they are – 10 More Templates, Prezentar Masterclass, and Prezentar Care Plus+. These are meant to enhance your user experience from Prezentar. 

    4. How quickly can Prezentar help create presentations? 

    Prezentar is meant to generate presentations in approximately less than 5 minutes. 

    5. Do I need to have any background knowledge for using Prezentar?

    No, there is no requirement for any specialized knowledge or skills to use Prezentar. The software is pretty user-friendly and is suitable for any purpose. 


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