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Affiliate Millionaire Reviews: Is Andrew Fox’s Online Learning Program Legit?



Affiliate Millionaire Review

Hey friends, have you guys ever read any Affiliate Millionaire reviews? Today here I am with a new program in the market called Affiliate Millionaire By Andrew Fox. So if you want to know more about this program, continue reading my Affiliate Millionaire review.

This is an ultimate and more renewed step-by-step guide for doing affiliate marketing. It is a course on affiliate marketing that teaches you everything in detail about the subject. It teaches its users a unique technique of earning commissions. Because of this, Affiliate Millionaire is gaining major attention in the field of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Millionaire Reviews: What Is The Duration Of This Affiliate Marketing Course?

Nowadays everyone wants to earn, for which people need alternative ways along with their current profession. This is where Affiliate Marketing comes to play. It is an alternative route of investment that is more advantageous because of its growing demand. Affiliate Millionaire program will help you learn new methods that can make you do big in the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Millionaire Reviews
Product name Affiliate Millionaire
Item formOnline learning program
Item PurposeLearn affiliate marketing online
Creator Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen
Main benefitEasy & step by step detailed affiliate marketing study
Pros Beginner-friendly
Cons Time-consuming because of too much detailing. 
Bonus4 additional bonuses available with the pack
Price $39
Money back30 days
Availability Official website
Official websiteClick Here

What is an Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate Millionaire is an ultimate guide designed to guide people to get into the affiliate marketing world. The Affiliate Millionaire guide can be used by both who are well versed with the basic knowledge of affiliate marketing and beginners who want to know more about this field. Affiliate Millionaire program guides you step by step from earning $o to $500+ each day with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Millionaire learning program provides you with a detailed overview of how to earn commission from Clickbank using Facebook Ads. It also provides you with the details you need to avoid when trying to cancel and shut down one’s ad account. There are some other major things that you will be able to learn through the Affiliate Millionaire guide, which includes boosting one ROI by using new hidden features inside FB about, that most people aren’t aware of, how to run ads in a trouble-free manner without thinking about your ad account getting shut down.

Affiliate Millionaire is completely beginner-friendly, which provides the user with the basic details about affiliate marketing and all other related things a user must know before getting into affiliate marketing. 

Who is the creator of Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate Millionaire learning program was designed by Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen. Andrew Fox was an expert affiliate marketer who was a top performer of Clickbank. Whereas Thomas Owen was a beginner in this field. Both of them, with their individual skills, successfully created the Affiliate Millionaire program. 

The creators of Affiliate Millionaire

What is included in Affiliate Millionaire?

There are a lot of modules included in the entire program of Affiliate Millionaire. You will have an in-depth deeper understanding of all the major principles of affiliate marketing through this guide. An explanation of all the Affiliate Millionaire modules is given below for your better understanding of each of them. 

???? Pre-Training

This training teaches how you can develop a pre-training mindset. You will learn important skills and rules like “know the numbers,” which will help you to make a good profit without much struggle. Secondly, the “Diversification Rule” to help you learn your affiliate campaigns. Finally, you will also get a clear understanding of “high and low risk” campaigns that will help you find what works the best for you. 

???? Module 1- Research

This is the first step of the Affiliate Millionaire module which involves finding the particular type of niches or verticals that will suit you the best. How to legally look for hot offers that will yield you the best payout as well as the way you can earn a large amount of commission from each customer. It also includes a Playbook that contains A-list Offers.

???? Module 2-Creating the Perfect Lander

There are three types of landers that one can use to make or break the deal. You will learn how to boost click-through at a 9% rate and how it is responsible for $37,956 profit in 1 week. It also includes tips on Blog style lander that results in 4000% cheaper click rates and Splash Page, which results in $1.73 EPCs. 

???? Module 3- Funnel Tastic plus Power Tracking

In Module 3 you will get to know about the optimal email follow-up sequence that generates $5000 to $1000 per day. Installing the pixels in the right manner and how to place your pixels with Clickbank’s new system. The hidden golden standard of ad tracker as well as how to work with vendors to get the ultimate Lookalike Audiences. 

???? Module 4- Targeting plus Campaign Set Up

This particular module includes a vivid knowledge about Targeting, Ad ‘AZ’ structure, Campaign Structure, Audience Targeting, the perfect tasting formula for daily ad spend. The way you can boost your ad account using the German Handshake and the untapped hidden source for affiliate marketing.  

???? Module 5-The Perfect Ad Copy and Creatives

This part of the Affiliate Millionaire module has outlets for the best converting images to be used in your ad. You will learn about how to create the ultimate Ad with different designs. Some other factors on how to change the angles of your ad to increase conversions and how to use the number one ads in Fb with getting copyright claims are also discussed here. 

???? Module 6- Launching the Campaign

The second and last module of the Affiliate Millionaire program gives you the idea of the best time to turn your campaign on to get the maximum benefit. How you can use the Secret Tracker to find out when to launch the campaign. You can also see the Lifetime Budget or Daily and know in detail about the Daily Budget. 

???? Module 7- Optimize and Scale

This is the final module where you will study the winning campaign and scale fast using the Quick Free method. You will see the best time of day to run your ads. Additionally, it also teaches you how and when to move to Manual Bidding to ensure you are getting the targeted ROI

Affiliate Millionaire program

How does Affiliate Millionaire work?

The working of the Affiliate Millionaire program is pretty simple. It works by a 4 step cycle formula. 

???? The first step of the entire process is to pick up the product, which is the first and important step that one will do. The choice of the product one picks up will determine the overall size and scale one can reach. So it is important to pick the proper product that is confirmed to work well. 

???? The second one is Driving the Traffic, wherewith using the given ways users will be able to direct traffic to their products. This can lead to more customers with increased sales. 

???? In the third step of Sending that to the Lander, as the specific pages will get more views and traction, the user will be able to direct the viewers to the lander, where these views will become potential customers during the process. 

???? The final step of Collection will allow the users to collect the commission from the entire process, which will keep expanding with increased traffic and purchases. 

Affiliate Millionaire working

What are the Benefits of learning Affiliate Millionaire?

Till now, you know the major benefits of using the Affiliate Millionaire program. A summary of all the benefits that you can get from using this program are mentioned below: 

✅ Affiliate Millionaire is an easy ultimate step-by-step guide to understanding the process of Affiliate marketing in detail. 

✅ It is beginner-friendly as well as for experienced people to benefit from using it. 

✅ You will get a detailed overview of how you will get a commission from Facebook through Clickbank. 

✅ Deals with issues regarding one’s ad account closure

✅ Teaches you the hidden ways to increase ROI and shows how to run ads efficiently. 

✅ There are a lot of modules in the Affiliate Millionaire guide for an in-depth understanding of the entire process. 

✅ You will learn all the tips and tricks of affiliate marketing. 

✅ Affiliate Millionaire works by a simple 4 step formula.

✅ You won’t need any other tools or downloadable software to begin with the process.  

✅ On purchasing the entire Affiliate Millionaire program you will get four bonus items along with it. 

✅ The company offers its users a 30 days money guarantee for a secure purchase. 

What are the Pros & Cons of Affiliate Millionaire?


  • An easy step by step guide
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Gives you an alternative source of income
  • Seven modules teach you everything about Affiliate Marketing
  • One time purchase with no monthly fees
  • No need for any other software or tools
  • A simple four-step working mechanism 
  • Direct with no time wastage
  • Hidden features to Increase ROI
  • No worry about Ad Account Closure.


  • Only available on its official website
  • Time-consuming because of too much detailing. 

Is Affiliate Millionaire Legit or Not?

This is a 100% legit program. Affiliate Millionaire learning program is a step-by-step program that is designed to guide the users about the in-depth process of Affiliate Marketing. The program comes with seven modules that are beginner-friendly to make them learn about the details of the entire process.

Affiliate Millionaire guide is for both beginners as well as experts. It is beneficial for users to understand the tips and tricks of affiliate marketing, the mistakes that should be avoided, the way users can increase their overall ROI and many more. The Affiliate Millionaire official website clearly mentions all the details of using the program, the benefits users will receive and why it is currently the best affiliate marketing guide in the market right now.

Additionally, the Affiliate Millionaire official website features numerous reviews from genuine users of this program. You can visit the official website to check its authenticity. With all these, it can be concluded that the Affiliate Millionaire program guide is legit. 

Affiliate Millionaire course

What are the Customer reviews & Complaints received about Affiliate Millionaire?

There are numerous Customer reviews and their success stories using the Affiliate Millionaire program are featured on the official website. In the Affiliate Millionaire reviews, users mentioned how they made use of the program to earn a good amount of commission. All happy users are recommending the Affiliate Millionaire learning program to others.

Affiliate Millionaire reviews are proof of why this guide is gaining so much popularity. If you want to check out the customer reviews, then visit the Affiliate Millionaire official website to go through everything in detail.  

How much does it Cost to study the Affiliate Millionaire?

The original price of Affiliate Millionaire guide is $197. But currently, the company is offering the program at a discounted price of $39. The price of it is much more affordable than other programs available in the market.

This online marketing program is only available on its official website. So to get the authentic program make sure to only purchase it from its official website. The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee along with the Affiliate Millionaire program.

You will receive the entire purchase amount refunded if Affiliate Millionaire doesn’t work for you. You just have to show them that you at least tried to implement the teachings of the Affiliate Millionaire course by creating an ad and driving traffic to the landing page. This way your investment won’t go in vain.  

What are the Bonuses received with Affiliate Millionaire?

When you buy the Affiliate Millionaire program from its official website, you will get extra four Bonuses along with it. They include:

???? Bonus 1: The accurate amount of $185k for Winning Ad Lander in seven days. 

???? Bonus 2: “The Holy Grail-A List Offers” Playbook to save a lot of time just by going through all the straight proven offers. 

???? Bonus 3: Tips that you can follow to save your FB account from shutting down or get them back, which most of the affiliates are clueless about. 

???? Bonus 4: Get access to the private group of “Affiliate Millionaire Club” where you can ask questions. 

Affiliate Millionaire bonus

Final Verdict on Affiliate Millionaire

As mentioned in the Affiliate Millionaire reviews, Affiliate Marketing is nowadays one of the authentic ways of earning extra income as commissions. Affiliate Millionaire is a program that helps affiliate marketers or newbies entering the industry of affiliate marketing, know everything about affiliate marketing and earn regular commissions through it.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme that promises you to get rich within days with no guarantee in the long run. Using Affiliate Millionaire needs time and effort. If you want to build a feasible online business through affiliate marketing, you can consider giving Affiliate Millionaire a try. 

Affiliate Millionaire FAQ’s

Who can use the Affiliate Millionaire Program?

Both Beginners, as well as experts in the field of affiliate marketing, can comfortably use the program. It is an ideal choice for beginners as they will get the maximum benefits while understanding all the methodologies of affiliate marketing mentioned in the course. Everyone can get their required benefit from the guide. 

Do I need to download any other Software or Tools along with Affiliate Millionaire?

Absolutely not. You don’t need any additional software or tools along with Affiliate Millionaire. It is an all-in-one program that will teach you everything about affiliate marketing. 

How much minimum time do I need to make my first profit from Affiliate Millionaire?

This is not the same for everyone. It depends on a user’s personal circumstances and how much one can learn from this in a given time, which is not the same for everyone. There is no such guaranteed time or a particular amount of profit. The result varies from user to user. 

Where can I purchase Affiliate Millionaire from?

You have to visit the official website of Affiliate Millionaire in order to purchase this ( It is not available in any other e-commerce sites or retail stores. 

What about the money-back guarantee that Affiliate Millionaire provides?

The company offers all its users a 30 days money-back guarantee on its official website. If you invest in the program and do not get the desired benefit or it doesn’t work for you, you will receive your entire purchase amount refunded. To get this, you just have to show them that you tried to create an ad and tried to bring traffic to the landing page. 


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