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Best Nail Clippers For Small Dogs To Cut Your Dog’s Nails at Home



Best Nail Clippers For Small Dogs

We all love pets and have to take care of them with unconditionally love. Grooming is important to keep them clean and they do not realize like us and say “Goshhh its weekend” when their body hair and nail grows large. Today we will be discussing some of the best nail clippers that can be recommended for small pet dogs.

Best Nail Clippers For Small Dogs

For better foot health and increased comfort, it is a primary need for trimming your dog’s nails regularly. Many of the pet owners do not do it by themselves and instead take their pet to a nearby pet grooming store. If you are a patient pet lover, then you can do the hard work with a little know-how of cleaning up the mess of your pet. For trimming your dog’s nail, you need a nail clipper or trimmer that can be difficult to use in the beginning but later on, you will know how cool it is to do your pets grooming session by yourself. I would prefer using the normal Nail Clipper as trimmers and grinders will be perturbing for your pet.

Let’s discuss some of the features needed in a Nail Clipper when a purchase of the desired nail clipper is made, hopeful to help you deal with your pet grooming hindrances.


A safe product that does not cut too deep. It must have a protective guard that limits the nail cutting.

Must have the standards and quality that meets the requirement of a good nail clipper that is used by vet doctors for daily veterinary practices. Then it is obvious that the clipper will serve the purpose of our need.

Easy to use product that comes with high-grade stainless steel used.

Handle made of rubberish soft material that gives comfort while using. This will help you with a clipping process that is slip-free.

Types of Nail Clippers

1. Shiny Pet’s pet nail clipper

If you have a pup or a dog that is small enough, then Shiny Pet’s Pet Nail Clipper will come handy for all your pet purposes. The purpose is not limited to and hence can be useful if you have other pets like cats, rabbits or birds at home. The nail cutting process will go smoother than expected, thanks to the stainless-steel blades that are perfect and angular. With a strong handle that has a slip-proof coating made of only recycled plastic, the griping will be superb and will never have to fear that you will be over-cutting the nail of your pet in excess.

The product is available for purchase on at a reasonable price of only $13. If you are not satisfied cutting your pet’s nails, you can contact Shiny Pet’s and you will get a complete refund or replacement after you tell them why you do not want to use the product.

Shiny Pet’s pet nail clipper

2. Boshel dog nail clippers

The Boshel nail clippers are the best-selling dog nail clippers that give you comfort to use with its rubber grips, stainless steel blades for a perfect quality nail cut, locking handles and a safety guard. It has a unique design that will not slip off while cutting your pet’s nail.

You can cut every single drop of that extra chunk of your pet’s nails. No panic will be created by cutting the nails as Boshel is offering comfortable grooming that gives a professional top-notch finish to it. This is the brand usually recommended by vets and professional groomers as it has a mini nail file for smoothening. You can also use it to cut a cats nail. The Boshel nail clippers will cost only $11.02.

Boshel dog nail clippers

3. Resco Guillotine Type Clippers

The first Resco guillotine type clipper was launched in 1937 and since then it has been a brand well flourished and recognized for its quality and reliability. It has durable clinical-grade steel blades that will ease the nail cutting process by giving your doggy a happy nail cutting day with a clean polished finish. Its cutting system is specially engineered to keep each clip to deliver a painless and quick cutting. The blades can easily be replaced.

Besides having a premium chrome construction, it is an overall performance tool that will keep you happy. It has got handles that are powder coated and hence it prevents any further slip out of from your hands. Thus it provides extra comfort to your hands that prevent slipping off. Since it does not have a quick guard, you need to put extra care for your dog’s nails. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a price tag of just $13.99 only. The product has been manufactured in the USA.

Resco Guillotine Type Clippers

4.Safari Professional Pet nail clipper

A favorite clipper brand among pet owners and professional groomers, safari nail clipper is made of premium stainless steel. It has a safety stop that prevents an assumed injury. It is manufactured tough and hence it will be durable that would long time. The comfortable rubber grip on the handle will keep your hand free from irritability. It comes in two varieties that you can choose depending upon the size of your pet’s claws. Premium quality stainless steel blades and safety stop are its important features. You can purchase the clipper for a reasonable price compared to other clippers in the market.

Safari Professional Pet nail clipper

5.COOLJOY Dog nail clipper

A COOLJOY pet clipper is a recommended brand by groomers for its compatibility with a large number of breeds and has never been irritable. The best thing is that it can be used for small, medium or large-sized dogs. You will not experience an accidental slip while using the product. It has a handle that gives you comfortable cutting comfort. You can experience safe grooming with COOLJOY Dog nail clippers. COOLJOY Clippers comes with a free nail file, safety guard to protect exceeded overcutting, and a six months warranty. On Amazon, it is available for just $11.99 only.

COOLJOY Dog nail clipper

6. Ezire Dog Nail Clippers

These clippers come with an extra spring that provides pressure control while trimming your pup’s nails. It has a safety stop to prevent deep cutting and has an anti-slippery handle that keeps your hands comfortable and controlled. You get it in different colors and can use it for cats too. The price tag on Amazon is just $6.77 and it might surprise you a bit

Ezire Dog Nail Clippers

7. FURminator Nail Clippers

These are heavy-duty nail trimmers that can be used for almost all dog breeds. It has a uniquely designed handle that provides extra comfort and prevents slip-off. You will be able to cut the nails without keeping any uneven edges. You get an adjustable guide and the plastic used is antimicrobial. The tool will help your pet from preventing any future sore paws. You can purchase the clipper for a very cheap rate of $2.55 only

FURminator Nail Clippers

8. Rose Max nail clipper

The Clipper is widely used by vets and professional groomers as it is safe and provides beautiful cutting quality. The ergonomic design has made it a most wanted wishlist tool. Not that all, it uses high-grade stainless steel of uncompromised quality and also the blades that give your pet a clean cut. It comes with an inbuilt lock for safe storage and includes a mini nail file. You can get a 6-month warranty if you purchase this product for $11.99 only.

Rose Max nail clipper

9. Pet Neat Dog Nail Clippers

Pet neat clippers are having a non-slippery and fabulously designed handle to give an extra bit of comfort. You are secure and won’t lose your control while cutting your pet’s nails. It has blades made of highest standard stainless steel that is strong. It also has a spring in between to give you control over the pressure. It also has a built-in hand lock, hanging hole for convenient storage and a lifetime warranty. A price tag of $9.97 is reasonably affordable to all users with pets.

Pet Neat Dog Nail Clippers

10. Go Pets Nail Clippers

A Clipper that can be used for all types of dogs and cats will be an essential add-on if you have pets at home to take care. They have high-quality stainless steel used and a 3.5mm thickness steel blade that will remain sharp even after a long-continued of use. The safety guard with a quick sensor prevents any overcutting and the handle has a non-slip coating that provides extra control. It comes with a built-in lock for safe storage and also includes a nail file that has a lifetime money-back guarantee. With a price of just $14, you can own the Clipper today itself from Amazon.

Go Pets Nail Clippers

Important tips to remember

  • Guillotine type trimmers are considered easy to use
  • Grinders are noisy and might be irritable for your pet.
  • A nail file is used to smoothen the nails after it is cut.
  • Canine injuries and infections can be prevented by regular nail cutting.
  • Cutting the nails can save a lot of money on your home upholstery
  • Start cutting your dog’s nails when it is calm only.
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