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Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews -A Digital Program For Accelerating Divine Feminine Traits!




Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews shows an overview of a web-based program that is programmed of divine prayers with scientifically backed frequencies that work in manifesting a dream life and inducing the divine feminine energy. Manifesting a dream life? Inducing divine feminine energy? These testimonies can ignite heat in those who are skeptical. Law of attraction, visualization, energy healing are practiced worldwide and those who tried them regularly and were unsatisfied with the results will add more skepticism. Goddess Manifestation Secrets awakens the divine feminine energy from the root which makes you cross the boundaries and detach from the constraints which cover you as an oppressive blanket

Many women appear stable and comfortable while internally they are stuck, silenced, and afraid. Most of their voice is unheard and most of them failed to express them. Women are born of divine feminine inheritance and most of them by the time of adolescence most of the energy starts depriving and lose its spirits. But what if the innate feminine energy of women awakens?

What if everyone looks average when you are in the room? This is what Goddess Manifestation Secrets accomplishes for women. Go through Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews for more information.

Program NameGoddess Manifestation Secrets
Creator Diane Hope
BenefitsThe divine energy from the audio transform the woman from a weak, undesired person into a powerful and undeniable soul
Special Features7-day Goddess Prayers audio track
SpecificationAudio Program, Ebook
Duration7 days (20 minutes each day)
Money Back Guarantee365 day money-back guarantee.
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Goddess Manifestation Secrets?

Goddess Manifestation Secrets is a digital program that works on promoting the divine DNA and accelerating divine feminine traits. The program is processed of collected divine knowledge from Greek scriptures, ancient Hindu shrines and northern European stone circles. It is programmed as a guided meditation in different frequencies. Every woman in the world is inherited with divine feminine power and the program work on revitalizing and transforming her life and manifests the life of her dreams.

Quantum physics proves that everything in the universe is created of energy. Every person has different energy levels where his thoughts, beliefs, and concepts of reality are connected to a field of energy. The negative entities parasite your success, relationships, and life goals. The subconscious part of the brain is the wave of secrets. The energy frequencies force messages into the subconscious brain and make manifestation easier. If you are a woman who wants to lift the oppressive veil that hinders your dreams, Goddess Manifestation Secrets are designed to empower the suppressed feminine soul. The program transforms the woman who was weak, powerless into a strong, independent woman as she will never sit on her knee or seek the help of anyone.  

The Creator Of Goddess Manifestation Secrets

The manifestation prayer and vibration program is created by Diane Hope. When Diana found herself in the middle of debauchery she comes across Diana, her godmother and her mother’s former friend. She teaches and narrates the seven manifestation prayers which were in the form of a journal. Later Diane Hope researches to make it work more effectively and to spread the knowledge. She adds frequencies along with the guided prayer to work it more effectively. The groundbreaking program is known to awake the divine energy in women to make them strong and vital.

How Does It Work?

The program creates a connection to a true feminine power one never discovered. The disconnection with the divine energy makes you weak and undesirable. You will earn less than you work and denies the recognition you deserve. Your confidence steeps down and even fails to express the truth. The state of powerlessness and lack of self-expression haunts you. When you start using the program, it transforms and strengthens your divine connection. The feminine energy flows through your body and helps you manifest your dreams and desires.

It activates the divine DNA and empowers positive entities to the person. Each audio is programmed with the divine prayers, the knowledge collected from Greek texts, ancient Hindu shrines, and northern European stone circles. The program contains 7 prayers and along with the guided prayer, the creators have added binaural frequencies to make the manifestation faster. The sound waves impulse subliminal messages to the subconscious brain to work on manifestation. The program depends on the theory of Quantum physics. As each person has positive and negative entities, the program removes the negative entities and uplifts the divine energy. Once the divine energy is accelerated in DNA the person attracts wealth, abundance, relationships, and the life of her dreams.

What Is Included In The Goddess Manifestation Secrets?

The program contains 7 divine prayers programmed in certain frequencies to remove blockages and uplift the feminine divine to manifest the desired life. By awakening the 7 fold goddess archetypes embedded in your DNA, the person starts to embrace the divine truth that you are. The 7 divine prayers are meant to be meditated for 7 days of the week, each one specified for the day, which works differently in uplifting the divine energy. They are:

????Day 1: Prayer meditation to welcome your power

The first audio comprises the energy of the Goddess of Athena, the goddess of determination and action. The program is infused in a frequency of 714 Hz to accelerate the divine energy. The audio is considered to be the wake-up call to empower the feminine divine and manifestation. It enhances the momentum in action and makes her take necessary decisions and estimate growth in her life.

???? Day 2: The prayer to fly and be free

The second audio in the program centres around the goddess Artemis, the symbol of freedom, nature and liberation. The prayer is processed in the frequency of 852 Hz and opens up the heart to receive divine acceptance and liberation. The prayer enlightens you and clears the path of your innate goal and direction and help you dissolve your attachment to society’s expectations. It unclutches you from the constraints of feeling stuck, stagnant and confined.

???? Day 3: The Prayer to unleash the self-love

This audio frequency promotes self-love and confidence. It preaches the divinity of Goddess Quan Yin, the goddess of unconditional love and forgiveness. The prayer is imbued in the frequency of 639 Hz and dismisses self-judgment, demolishes self-loathing, develops deep appreciative love and acceptance of self. The audio transforms you by healing the wounds and embeds self-love, making you stronger and accept you are.

???? Day 4: The prayer to awaken abundance

The audio prayer lessons on the ancient Hindu shrines. The audio centers on Goddess Lakshmi, the symbol of abundance,  joy, wealth, and beauty. The audio is drenched with a frequency of 60Hz. The frequency is similar to that of the electromagnetic echoes that are present between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. The prayer manifests you in the natural state of abundance and joy. It expresses the feminine divine in your DNA.

???? Day 5: The prayer of divine light

The prayer is devoted to Sophia, the goddess of divine and mystical light. The audio is programmed with a frequency of 174 Hz and help you detox the years of self-doubt and your inherent wisdom as a divine soul. Fear echoes to self-doubt, the divine connection makes to revive from fear and reconnects with your divine wisdom.

???? Day 6: The Prayer of unbridled passion

The audio centers on the Goddess Aphrodite and is drenched with the frequency of 528 Hz. The frequency helps rejuvenate cells, repair damaged DNA, and decrease the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. The prayer of Aphrodite makes her confident in her appearance and connects with her own pure and righteous sensuality.

???? Day 7: The prayer of fearless wisdom

The prayer centers on Goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The audio is imbued with a frequency of 384 Hz. The audio stimulates the freedom to express yourself and works to clear judgments from others.


What Are The Benefits?

✅ The divine energy from the audio transforms the woman from a weak, undesired person into a powerful and undeniable soul.

✅ The program helps you manifest your desired life. Wealth,  abundance, fulfilling relationships, jobs, opportunities, and luck flows through your hands.

✅ You will become independent as you don’t need to sit on your knees or ask the help of others to achieve your goal.

✅ Makes you strong as others in the room look average and deliver decent competition.

✅ It induces freedom of expression as one starts to express his ideas confidently and truthfully.

✅ The program gives instant results and claims to transform the lives of the person.

✅ The product offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 365 days, in case the person is unsatisfied with the results.

How Soon Can The Results Be Expected?

Goddess Manifestation Secrets works in uplifting the feminine divinity. The program is designed for women who are in the plight of debauchery, failed dreams, and relationships. The program works differently on persons and is relied on their negative entities. It enhances the divine energy after removing the dark entities. Everyone has different energy frequencies and the program works differently on them.

When the time the person practices the guided meditation program, she becomes open to divine energy and thus activates the divine DNA which is inactive. The results appearing in a week as abundances embrace you removing the blockades. The person becomes a magnet who attracts money, abundance, luck, and healthy relationships. The sevenfold audios differently and is recommended to listen 20 minutes a day, in a calm and peaceful place. The official website shares some life-changing results of several women by practicing the prayer daily. The audio is recommended to meditate daily as each audio works differently to the day. Negative entities can disturb you and practice the programmed meditation regularly to guard yourself.

Pros & Cons


  • Activates the divine DNA present in everyone.
  • Makes you a magnet that attracts your desires of money, love and abundance.
  • Simple and instant manifestation
  • Heals the feminine wound and uplifts the feminine divine
  • Heals your past wounds and guards you in showing the right path


  • Results can’t be dependent on evidence.
  • More people are skeptical towards manifestation and the law of attraction.
  • Results vary from person to person and sometimes skipping it can reduce the benefits.
  • Not available in local stores as it is only available on the official website.

Is The Goddess Manifestation Secrets Legit?

Goddess Manifestation Secrets are designed to awaken the god within one. The program accelerates the feminine awakening and the guided meditation is programmed of prayers centring of the goddess which are imbued in frequencies to work effectively in the subconscious brain. The program applies the theory of Quantum physics where everything is created by energy and it works in promoting the divine energy in a person.

The product is no harm to the human body and sending messages to the subconscious is normal. The program is backed with scientific evidence and is legit. Goddess Manifestation Secrets works on the plight of women and makes them desirable to their dreams and manifest their desires.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Customer reviews and complaints

Goddess Manifestation Secrets reviews are mostly positive. The customers have shared their life-changing experiences on the official websites. The women are happy about the results and the product is one of the highly rated in the market.

There are mixed reviews regarding the availability of the product as many searches it on nearby local stores or other popular online stores. The product is protected and is only available on the official website. People who have used it regularly have shared positive results like receiving unexpected money, healthy relationships, etc., there are people who it for days and inconsistently and complaints about the product. It is recommended to use consistently.

Where Can I Buy Goddess Manifestation Secrets?

The product is only available on the official website. The product is easily affordable for those who empower the feminine divine. The product is now available at $47. It contains 7 audio files and bonuses and is now available at a discount rate. The product demands a 365-day money-back guarantee in case the customer is unhappy with the product. A refund is initiated only if the product is purchased from the official website.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonuses

Goddess Manifestation Secrets contains 7 audio files and bonuses and is available at an affordable price. The bonuses the divine energy and enhance the results. The bonuses are:

Invincible Goddess Warrior

Invincible Goddess Warrior ( Value $27 )

The audio is designed to fight, empower and unleash the goddess within by uplifting the feminine divine. It promotes courage in action and banishes all limiting beliefs. Improves confidence and values one of the essential needs of self-love.

Goddess Gratitude Journal

Goddess Gratitude Journal ( Value $27 )

The frequency recognizes and celebrates the presence of the feminine divine. Makes you productive and attain success in anything and fuels the momentum of building an abundant future. Torches you the correct guide to success

Perfect Life Projection Manifestation

Perfect Life Projection Manifesto ( Value $ 27 )

Protects and guards your heart against your haters and doubters. There will be many who celebrate and appreciate you. It will you motivated in a positive light and guard you against negative vibrations from others. It will keep your heart open to those who you.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook ( Value $29 )

The handbook contains detailed archetypes of each goddess, characteristics and benefits. It embraces you to enhance your life vision and who you want to become. The handbook is the guide to use the program effectively for manifestation. It makes you feel, understand and adapt their characteristics as part of your own.

Final Verdict – Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews

There are a lot of products and supplements in the market and not everyone can be trusted. The manifestation program is one of the highly-rated products in the market. The product is backed with scientific evidence and is designed to up heal the feminine divine and make women attain their potential. As mentioned in the Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews the audience reviews are mostly positive and there are many life-changing stories shared on the official website.

The product is worth buying and is recommended for the women who are in the plight of debauchery, the product can value your investment. Goddess Manifestation Secrets is affordable and the company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee.


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