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Your Year Of Miracle Review – Does This Program Help To Create Miraculous Life?



Your Year Of Miracle review

Your Year Of Miracle Review is about a program full of training, mentoring inspiration and support by Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, Lisa Garr, and Other Legendary Teachers and Healers. It is the prime time to make this New Year 2020 full of motivation and miraculous transformation. This self-help technique makes dramatic positive changes in your life that you have ever experienced in the past.

You may have come across many other books and programs discussing problems and solutions to the issues that women are facing, but this program was not like any other program in the market. This book is not filled with usual talking points about challenges faced by women in this society but this program is solely designed to give valuable knowledge to face challenges themselves.

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Your Year of Miracle Review -Manifest Miracles In Your Life

This whole program contains topics that were never raised before in front of the society and this program comes up with a whole lot of other benefits also like live video lectures, Monday miracle messages, meditation audio and many more. The creator of the program is Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, Lisa Garr, 3 women joint support and continues research in the field made this program a huge success, Your Year Of Miracle review dive deep into the issues that women are facing and decided to come up with this revolutionary program to help them all.

They took it as a challenge and tried to give their best in this program. It is their years of hard work and research to put you all onto the path of creating the best year of your life. I get early access to all the contents in the program and feel so lucky to have such moral support by my side every time I need it. Previously I have been scammed by programs what are fake-promising outstanding result but none of them was like this. I’m totally satisfied with this product.

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Program NameYour Year Of Miracle
AuthorMarci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, Lisa Garr
Official WebsiteClick Here

About Your Year of Miracle

Your Year of Miracle is a self-helping women empowerment program that was designed by years of research and handwork of the creators to combine all kinds of stuff and came up with Your Year of Miracle. This program makes a positive change in the lives of women and bright happiness and a healthy mindset to make this New Year 2020 a huge success. This program helps women to bring more joy and clarity in their personality and helps in the overall development of personality. Let’s find out more about this program from Your Year Of Miracle Review.

Leaders from around the world have very positive feedback about the product. New York Times best-selling author Jack Canfield says this program brings a positive change this society needs and helps understanding deep spiritual concepts immediately. ​Claire Zammit, Co-Founder Feminine-power says this product will going to change the whole perception of women empowerment and will transform many lives and helps in creating life success that no one ever imagines.

What is Included in Your Year of Miracle Program?

  • 12 live video lectures of 90 minutes each with Marci and Dr. Sue: this video lecture covers new topics every month for twelve months to give you all tips and tools to start your miraculous journey.
  • 12 live video lectures of 90 minutes each, hosted by Marci and Lisa Garr: this series covers the myth busters and the deeply-rooted impressions that are keeping you stuck or blocking your miracles. Marci and Lisa Garr are master healers and are there for you every month via video chat.
  • ​12 Monthly “Miracle Activations” – As per Your Year Of Miracle Review, these are recorded videos on energetic transmissions that will activate the power of miracles in your life! These lectures are solely based on controlling the power of the subconscious mind and how to listen to them at any time to remove your energetic blocks and put you in the energetic flow of miracles.
  • ​52 “Monday Miracle Messages” these Monday messages give you a head start for upcoming weed and help to start your week off miraculously!! Monday Miracle Messages has short, weekly recorded messages that will energize, inspire you for the week to come and always keep you motivated.
  • UNLIMITED Access to the Replays and Session Summaries of ALL live sessions. The main purpose of this program is to help and inspire as many as possible keeping this in mind creators of the program has given unlimited excess to the Replays and Session Summaries of ALL live sessions
  • 20 Miracle Small Group Calls –this program will allow you to spread awareness and inspire other like minded personality via small group calls. You’ll form a group of other like-minded women who will support you in your journey. The group includes only 5-8 members.
  • Your Year of Miracles Private Facebook Community – After purchasing this program you will get unlimited access to a private Facebook account with those who share common interests. This is your all in one place to share the challenge and inspire more and more peoples. This loving community will be there for you in every step along your miracles-filled year
  • A Powerful Online “Miracles Tracker”; this tracker helps to keep track of your miraculous progress throughout the year. This incredibly powerful tool will inspire and help boost your miracles along this journey.
  • A beautiful online Miracles Journal to record your miraculous year – In write-on PDF and downloadable formats
  • AM/PM Meditation audio with Dr. Sue Morter – this powerful collection of guided meditations/affirmations and visualizations audiobooks made available to you after the purchasing of the program was done This is the vital source of energy within you for the intentional elevation of activeness.
  • “Elevation of Consciousness, Free Guided Visualization”: this eBook was written by Lisa Garr is a complete tour for visualization and elevation of consciousness.

About Your Year of Miracle Creator

Your Year of Miracle review will be incomplete without mentioning about the authors, it was a program launched together by three women, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, Lisa Garr, and Other Legendary Teachers and Healers. They are the ones behind the huge success of this program. Marci Shimoff was a NY Times Best-Selling Author & World Renowned Happiness Expert. Her passion is to help you manifest miracles in your life. She has sold over 16 million copies in 33 languages around the world of the books named Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and 6 books in the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series.

Dr. Sue Morter was a Renowned International Speaker & Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine. She is a well-known personality and has years of experience down the line. She has also experienced conflicting, mixed messages about authenticity, loyalty and belonging and often confused between what she saw and here. At that time she had decided to get rid of them and also help others to get rid of these problems. She later worked with Marcy to bring this program.

Lisa Garr was a Renowned TV & Radio Host and a creator of The Aware Show, a transformational radio show about natural health, personal growth, cutting-edge science, and spirituality. Lisa brings her decades of experience and put it all in this program Your Year of Miracles as she focuses mainly on bringing out the best in our guest experts and healers.

Pros and Cons of Your Year of Miracle


  • Each month new theme: Creators of the program take it to another level by creating a new theme for 12 months to keep the participants interested. Themes are as follows:
    • January: Dreaming Your Miraculous Dreams
    • February: Falling in Love with Yourself
    • March: Letting Go and Creating Space
    • April: Activating Your Miraculous Success
    • May: Feeling Alive and Healthy in Your Body
    • June: Activating Your Money Miracles
    • July: Discovering Your Passions and Purpose
    • August: Living Free From Overwhelm
    • September: Creating Miraculous Relationships
    • October: Stepping Into Your Power
    • November: Igniting Profound Intuition and True Spirituality
    • December: Celebrating Your Miracles and Shining Your Light on the World
  • Easy refund: if you are not satisfied with the product offering you can avail of your refund by directly contacting customer care service. You can get your refund within 30 days from the date of enrollment.
  • Well known personality teachers and healers: Your Year Of Miracle review says that the program is designed by a well-known personality having years of experience and has done lots of hard work and research behind the course offering.
  • Your year of miracles customer service: your year of miracles customer service is best in class the response time from the team was very less and you would expect to clear your doubt anytime you want.
  • Your Year of Miracle real reviews: the previous program from 2019 has positive reviews about the product. This product has changed many lives.
  • Early bird special offer: the course: This course offers in total 11 different programs, the product valued to be around $6840 but as said earlier the main concept behind this program is to benefit as many women’s as possible and not making profits out of it you can get this product for $497 as an early bird offer.


  • Only available online: this program is an online program so you need to have a proper internet connection to get your blueprint and to attend video lectures
  • Payment method online: minimum you have to pay $109 for starting services and you have to pay this only using verified online payment options.

What is Special with this Manifestation Program?

Unlike other manifestation programs which are full of false information and unnecessary talking points about overnight miracles and not have an actual action plan to work on it. Your Year of Miracle is a professionally designed program with the contribution of some of the most famous personalities related to the field.

This program doesn’t make false promises of overnight miracles and sudden changes but this contains step by step blueprint to help your life turn into a miracle. The coaches behind this program get in touch with the students very frequently by the means of video chats; they have proven that they can help women regardless of how tough their circumstances have been.

Does Your Year of Miracle Work?

I am among the lucky ones to get early access to this program and I have seen tremendous change in just one month of duration. From Your Year Of Miracle Review, There is no doubt about the effectiveness of this program.

The offerings of this program include high-quality video lectures from personalities having years of experience in this field; the program is so designed to get maximum audience taking benefit of it. The success of your year of miracle give rise to many fraud programs with fake blueprints and fake offering, many customers have lost their hard-earned money joining all these fake programs make sure to buy this program from the official website.

About Previous Years Your Year of Miracle Program (2019)

Your Year of Miracle review from the previous year was very good I have purchased the program in mid-2019 and gets benefited from the course offering. This time they have completely restructured the whole program and include more offerings for the welfare of the women. Apart from that, your year of miracles customer service is very good; you can get in touch with them anytime you want.

If you are facing any problem related to product offering you can directly contact customer care via email or toll-free number they are always there to help.

About The Price and Discount!

This course offers in total 11 different programs varying for individual needs and requirement of inspiration the total cost of the product valued to be around $6840 but as said earlier the main concept behind this program is to benefit as many women’s as possible and not making profits out of it. As an early bird offer, you can get this program for as low as $497.

According to the Your Year Of Miracle review, you can buy this product for $497 or you can get this product in 5 payments of $109. It is recommended to buy this product through onetime payment you can save 100$ on that.

Is It Right For You?

Today women have to face many challenges in their lives: self-image, career, competence, supporting kid’s friends and whatnot. It’s time to take care of yourself.

This program is solely focused to support your desires, dreams and helps in making you what you want. This program also connects you to likeminded people from around the world and gives you exposure to all the challenges and their solutions.


The Your Year Of Miracle review final verdict is, This program has successfully helped thousands of peoples around the world and gives them a chance to make their own identity in society; this program has a very positive impact on the minds of the participants. This is a professionally designed program and Your Year of Miracles 2019 reviews are also very impressive. Many have taken advantage of this program now its prime time for you to take advantage of it.

You can enroll for this program for as low as $497 as an early bird offer, in addition to all these if you are not satisfied with the offerings of the product you can contact customer care services any time to get back your refund within 30 days of the date of purchasing the program. I have seen tremendous change in my life with this program also I enrolled in your year of miracles 2019 and it turns out to change the whole perception of mine.


  1. How to get your year of miracles program?

You can enroll in this program by registering yourself in the official website

After successful payment, your year of miracles 2019 login details will be sent to you. Make sure to buy this program from the official website. There are many fake sites and programs fake-promising extraordinary results make sure to research well before buying any program.

  1. How to avail of early bird offer?

You do not have to do anything this offer is already applied to your cart as long as the offer is going on; you can directly register yourself by gives personal information and take advantage of early bird offer. This product is getting an amazing response from all around the world so it is recommended to enroll as soon as possible.

  1. How to get back your refund?

Though this program is created by professional and experienced persons in the industry of teaching and healing, if you are not satisfied with the product offering you can avail of your refund by directly contacting customer care service. You can avail your refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. It will take a minimum of seven working days to get back your refund in your bank account.

  1. List of countries this product is available in?

This is an online program you can log in to your account from anywhere in the world. This product is selling world-wide.

  1. How to reach customer care?

You can contact customer care via email or by calling the toll-free number. Both the email address and contact number is provided on the official website of the program. They are available 24/7 to provide service.

Email address:

Phone number:  (415) 209-5573

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