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Move n Burn Reviews: Does This 15 Minutes Program Helps To Rid Excess Fat?



Move n' Burn Reviews

The Move n Burn review online explains how the Move n Burn program can be beneficial to people targeting a fitness goal. There are many ways to be fit, such as weight training, jogging, swimming, and more. But recently many people have started adopting a fun way to lose weight which is dancing. Getting fit doesn’t have to be tough or a chore. 

Move n Burn Reviews: A Safe Weight Loss Program For Women!

Dancing is one of the best fitness workouts that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Dancing is an energizing and sociable way to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Most of the time, people face motivation issues while starting a workout or exercise, and for those people, dance class is the best way to have a high motivation level.  

Move n' Burn Reviews
Program nameMove n Burn
CategoryWeight loss and fitness
Creator Kat Johnson, Annie, Fiona & Rachel
Main benefitInstant healthy weight loss
Duration15-Minutes every day
Best suitable forWomen aged over 45years
Side effectsNo major side effects reported
Price$17/month (limited offer)
Money-back guarantee30 Days
AvailabilityThrough official website only
Official websiteClick Here

What is Move n Burn?

Move n Burn is a dance program for women over the age of 45. There are more than 124,000 women across the world who are part of this program. Move n Burn helps people to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle during this program. The Move n Burn program takes a 4-step approach to build healthy habits and good health. 

In the first week, the Move n Burn program aims to repair mental health by removing all the blocks and teaching how to make your health a priority. In the second week, Move n Burn gives nutrition advice to increase the energy level and make the women stronger. The nutritionist in the Move n Burn program will create a new diet plan as per the requirement of the individual. 

The third week of the Move n Burn program is about movement. Here the women will learn about how to boost metabolism and get stronger with dancing. The fourth week is about discussing long-term results and how to get the peak of wellbeing. This Move n Burn review covers other sections of this program as well. The Move n Burn dance fitness program offers both mental and physical benefits to the participants.

Who is the creator of Move n Burn?

The creator of Move n Burn is Kat Johnson, Annie, Fiona & Rachel. They are world champion dancers. They want to help old women achieve their fitness goals with this dancing program.

Through the Move n Burn fitness program , they aim to increase the strength, mobility of women within just 15 minutes a day and simply through dancing.

Move n' Burn creators

What is included in Move n Burn?

This section of this Move n Burn review explains the plans included in the Move n Burn program. There are many phases of a program that try to fix one thing at a time. This strategy helps people to achieve their little goals. Some plans included in this program are:

  • 4-week workout plan

This is a four-week workout plan that is specially designed for women. This four-week program will help women to get more energy and strength so that they can spend high-quality time with their kids, family, and grandkids.

  • Nutrition plan

The Move n Burn fitness program also includes a nutrition plan for women. The nutritionist in this program teaches the women about some proven and highly beneficial foods. The diet plan is according to the health requirements of the women.

  • Free bonus

The Move n Burn program also gives two bonus workout plans to the women. This bonus workout increases flexibility, stretches muscles and increases the quality of life.

Move n' Burn working

How does Move n Burn work?

This Move n Burn system is a dance fitness program that aims to help people reach fitness goals with dancing. Dance is a full-body workout that trains every muscle of the body. Dancing involves the movement of shoulders to feet.

A full-body workout burns a high amount of calories. According to a study in 2012, the dance fitness class burned 9.5 calories per minute. So, 15 minutes of dancing will burn more than 142 calories which will promote weight loss and help to maintain healthy body weight.

Additionally, the women will get access to a healthy diet plan that will make the weight loss process even faster.

Move n Burn Benefits

This section of the Move n Burn review covers the benefits of joining the Move n Burn system. The program gives various benefits such as:

  • Instant calorie burn

Through the Move n Burn course, women can burn their calories instantly. The combination of fast-paced movements with slow-paced movements is designed to boost the fat-burning process. Fitness experts around the world count dancing as a full-body workout that can strengthen the neck, waist, shoulders, ankles, calves, and bead. All the parts of the body are trained that fasten the calorie burn process.

  • Better cardiovascular fitness

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine admits that by involving in an exercise or workout, an individual can improve heart health. The Move n Burn program can help people to lose weight to maintain good heart health. Nowadays, the number of women heart patients is increasing due to so many factors.

At this time, a program like Move n Burn helps women who are prone to heart diseases with its fitness training and nutrition plan.

  • Improves overall health

There are many Move n Burn reviews that talk about how Move n Burn system can improve overall health. With Move n Burn program, women can maintain a proper weight that will reduce the chances of diabetes and reverse type-2 diabetes. The Move n Burn system also helps women to reduce their stress levels by turning their attention from daily life to fitness.

Dancing is also a great way to reduce stress, anxiety and boost mental wellbeing. Women will also have improved blood pressure levels after joining the Move n Burn fitness program . A combination of dance programs with good nutrition will make the bones stronger, improve stamina and improve muscle elasticity.

  • Better balance and coordination

This Move n Burn system is all about dancing, and through that, women will be able to balance their bodies in a better way. The dance steps are designed to increase balance so that women can carry heavy things by maintaining proper body posture. During dancing, the legs and arms are moving in different directions that are ideal for better coordination.

By taking part in the Move n Burn fitness program and dancing regularly, women can feel more comfortable while moving their bodies and can improve their overall body-mind coordination.

  • Better flexibility

A healthy body needs muscle and joints to be flexible. Move n Burn fitness program includes an effective and wide range of motion and movement that help with flexibility. It allows the major muscle to be flexed. It also helps in building bodily strength without lifting weight.

It strengthens both upper and lower body strength. Move n Burn teaches how to use the body weight in the best way possible.

Move n' Burn benefits

Move n Burn Pros and Cons

Joining Move n Burn fitness program can be beneficial for women who want to restore their strength, have better balance and reduce the risks of many chronic diseases. There are many pros of joining the Move n Burn program and very few cons as well.


  • Make everyday work and physical activities like climbing stairs, getting out of bed, and lifting grandkids.
  • It improves heart health, reduces the risk of getting diabetes, and boosts strength and overall fitness to increase the quality of life.
  • The Move n Burn program helps to reduce belly fat, tone the arms and cut off the extra fat in the body that can create diseases.
  • Increase balance, flexibility, and mind-body coordination.
  • Help the skin, remove the toxins from the body, and boost bone density.


  • Move n Burn fitness program may not be helpful for people with certain health conditions.
  • This program can cause extreme fat loss in some women and lead to some common side effects.

Is Move n Burn legit or not?

There are many positive Move n Burn reviews available online that show that it is legit. The Move n Burn fitness program is a simple and yet highly effective dance program that focuses on getting health benefits through dancing. According to a study, participants in 12 weeks of dance program showed a reduced systolic blood pressure and heart rate after. 

Another study in 2015 involving a group of overweight women showed that the participants witnessed a decrease in blood pressure and better body weight after 12-week of dance training. All of the research involving the effectiveness of dance programs show positive results. In all of the research, dance training was found out to be highly beneficial from the overall health perspective.

And the Move n Burn fitness program is designed with some of the effective dance movements that trigger fat loss and offer many health benefits.

Move n Burn Customer reviews and complaints

All of the Move n Burn reviews from the customers are positive. All of the women say that this program helped them a lot with their daily life routine. There were women who were facing difficulties in moving and slowing down due to old age.

They witnessed significant benefits after joining the Move n Burn fitness program, and their movements were easier, better, and they could do so much work without feeling tired. Some women also love dancing with their family members and enjoy the dancing session very much. Move n Burn helped women to lift their grandkids without feeling exhausted. There are no negative customer Move n Burn reviews yet, which shows all the women got positive results.

Move n' Burn customer reviews

Move n Burn Pricing and Availability

There are two pricing options for this program:

  • Option-1

This option gives users access to the program for $17, and it is only valid for one month. This monthly program will give a 4-week workout program online access to Move n Burn. Here the users will get low-impact workouts and nutritionist support.

  • Option-2

This option gives lifetime access for just $47. The users will get lifetime access to the 4-week workout program, low-impact dance workouts, and nutritionist support. Users who are choosing Move n Burn fitness program have to pay a one-time fee.

Both of these programs are highly effective, and they are available on the official site only. Fake people are taking advantage Due to the high demand for this program, and they are selling fake programs. This is not available on any other sites. That is why people need to be careful while buying this program. Interested women can go to the official website of Move n Burn by clicking here.

Move n Burn Bonus

In this Move n Burn fitness program Kat Johnson will provide two bonus workouts to the participants. These bonus workouts are for women who want to reduce extra fat in minimal time. The motive of these workouts is to increase flexibility, make coordination better, reduce fat, metabolism and make everyday tasks easier. 

These workouts are easy and planned by keeping all the health requirements in check. Additionally, the participants will get the full support of an expert nutritionist. The nutritionist helps the women to live a healthy life by consuming good foods and keeping the diet in control. Balance in nutrition and exercise will result in better and faster results.

Move n' Burn dance fitness program

Final Thoughts on Move n Burn reviews

As stated in the Move n Burn reviews, the program is highly beneficial for women who want to make their everyday tasks easier. With age, the muscle and bones get weaker, and this program will strengthen both of them, which will help in promoting energy and metabolism. The women will get so many health benefits like reduced risk of heart disease, better blood pressure level, increased flexibility, improved heart health, and many more. 

Move n Burn can help women to increase their strength and reduce stress, anxiety levels. Move n Burn fitness program is an easy and low-impact dancing that can be done by almost all age groups of women. But it would be wise to consult the doctor before participating in a program like this because not all people have normal health conditions.

Move n Burn FAQs


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